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Edupac Pacific Governance Training
For Non-Profit Organisations

A series of training sessions aimed at Pacific community groups and people involved in non-profit organisations.

Being an astute board member means taking the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments, or even learning the basics in corporate governance. The Edupac Pacific Governance Training programme is designed to meet the needs of board members at any career stage. Our philosophy is to provide you with the knowledge & resources so you can become capable to shape your success.

The programme encourages the development of core competencies in group and individual skills relating to the governance for Pacific non-profit organisations.


The aims of the Edupac Pacific Governance Training programme are to:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of community groups to better govern and manage their organisations
  2. Allow community groups to become better organized
  3. Allow community groups to manage their finances better
  4. Improve leadership within groups
  5. Allow individuals involved in governance to develop governance and management skills that will enhance their organisation

Our Trainers

The Edupac Pacific Governance Training programme is delivered by experienced, professional and qualified trainers with a Pacific focus.


Mentoring and follow-up support is offered to allow groups to complete practical tasks and develop their skills and understanding further in their organisations.

Training sessions are structured to be covered in 1 day and have a mix of theory and practical exercises delivered in a style easy to understand.

Participants will receive a resource book for each training session and an electronic copy of sample polices and templates required.

Sessions are can be run on-site, at our Edupac training venue in Epsom, or at any pre-selected conference venue.

Programme Outline

Topic Practical Outcomes

Vision and Mission A Strategic Plan tailored to the development needs of the organisation


Trust Deed or Constitution Developed and registered

Board Formed

Governance Policy Manual and Key Forms developed


Business Plan with Key Milestones

Full Operations Policy Manual developed tailored to the needs of the organisation

Financial Management

Budgets and Cash-flows developed

Financial Policy Manual developed tailored to the needs of the organisation

Human Resources Policy & Planning

Human Resources Plan developed

Human Resources Manual and Forms developed tailored to the needs of the organisation

Human Resources Practice Practical application of Human Resources policies and strategies.




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