Programme Structure


Individual workshops are covered in 3 hours.


The programme is delivered mainly as in-house training, so participants attending will mostly be from one organisation. This gives wonderful opportunities for team-building and enhancing inter-organisational relationships.


The training is delivered at the organisation’s venue, or at the Edupac venue located in Epsom, Auckland.


There are no assessments to pass this course.





The aims of the Edupac eceBoardCare programme are to:


Educate boards to better govern the affairs of their organisations


Educate managers to effectively carry out their role resulting in quality education and high outcomes for children.


Support centres to comply with the ECE Regulations and other relevant legislation.


Support centres to gain positive ERO outcomes.


Promote leadership and excellence within early childhood education settings.


















We advise all our clients to take up our eceBoardCare mentoring programme. All you have to do is to tick the option.


Our mentoring programme is individualised for individuals or groups providing in-centre support for board members, managers and teachers. It involves regular meetings with a Mentor for guidance and support in any matter relating to governance and management. This can range from one-to-one meetings, small group meetings, virtual meetings via Skype, etc, regular phone and email contact, or sitting in your board meetings to provide support at this level.


Our mentors have been carefully selected in order to maintain a professional mentoring relationship, identify needs and communicate effectively


Mentoring provides an excellent way for professionals already in the industry to pass on specialist knowledge and skills.


If organisations wish to use the mentoring service, this will be an extra component and will be organised separate to the training workshops. Mentoring sessions will be charged on an hourly basis.



Training Agreement


A standard eceBoardCare Training Agreement provides the terms and conditions of our service. This must be signed prior to the commencement. 


The Edupac eceBoardCare programme offers 13 professional development workshops. All workshops have been thoroughly researched and provide in-depth information and training to assist boards and management of ECE services to deliver quality education and care consistent with the ECE Regulations and other relevant legislation.


These guidelines are for the benefit of all course participants. Any participants who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave the training course without a refund of fees.