• Welcome to the EDUPAC eceBoardCare Website


    This online resource is a digital version of our manual which outlines Edupac's policies and standards in relation to the Edupac eceBoardCare Programme.


    Information in this manual provides you with policies and procedures to do with:


    1. Programme Information

    2. Guidelines for Participation

    3. The Need for Professional Development


    Participants should be provided with this information prior to enrolment in order to assist them to make an informed decision about their learning at Edupac.


    This manual is reviewed each year to ensure that the information is up to date and relevant to the requirements of the course.


  • About EDUPAC


    eceBoardCare is a owned and delivered by Edupac Ltd. We support ECE services to meet Ministry of Education compliance and deliver quality early childhood education resulting in positive outcomes for children.


    Edupac was established in 1996. Our core business is the provision of training and management consulting services. We specialise in policy development in various areas of Government policy and practice. We also project manage research and community projects in the education, justice, corrections and community related sectors.

  • Our Mission


    Our mission is to “educate for success”.


    It means that we provide you with the information and resources so you can become capable of shaping your success.


    Our consultancy specialises in people and organisational performance.


    Core to our service is facilitating understanding and the transfer of knowledge. We offer solutions that are practical, sustainable and values driven.


    The Edupac way allows our clients to package the dynamics of success from within and articulate this effectively at all levels in order to ‘compete from the inside out’.