About eceBoardCare


The Edupac eceBoardCare programme is a series of industry training workshops for boards and management of early childhood education services.


The programme, which is tailored for specific the needs of each organisation, encourages the development of core competencies in group and individual skills relating to the governance and management of early childhood education services.


Being an astute board member means taking the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments, or even learning the basics in corporate governance. The eceBoardCare training programme is designed to meet the needs of both board members and staff through interactive training and mentoring.


The Edupac eceBoardCare workshops are designed to meet the needs of board members at any career stage. Our philosophy is to provide you with the knowledge & resources so you can become capable to shape your success.


All our workshops have been researched and developed to meet current industry standards to keep your Board and management up to date with the developments in legislation and policy in the ECE sector.


Workshops are held in-house so emphasis can be put on your board’s particular needs and you have the privacy you need to discuss sensitive board business.


Our preference is to train the entire board because this achieves the best results. However we realise this is not always possible so are flexible about this requirement.


There are generally 8 participants per workshop to maximise interaction between participants and with the facilitator.


Each workshop can be followed by a few hours of mentoring if required to ensure the new learning is put into practice.